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Today is National Completo day!

Today marks the 8th anniversary of National Completo Day in Chile. It’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate one of Chile’s beloved fast foods, and the best part, at an even lower price than normal.

Its origins can be traced back to 1920 in a stand near the Plaza de Armas where its owner Eduardo Bahamondes imported the idea and adapted it with Chilean ingredients and tastes after a trip to the United States. Throughout the years the varieties went expanding, more gourmet versions, and XL sizes. Today there are so many types of Completos that you can never get bored. One of the most popular completos is the “Italiano” which has avocado (palta), tomato, and mayo. Lots of mayo.

Are you hungry yet? Here are a few places where you can enjoy these delicious completos:


These guys created the first national completo day and have 500 pesos for a completo Italiano. Yup, just 500 pesos.

Doggis #DíaNacionalDelHotDog

Llegó el día que estaban esperando todos los wneeeeeeees!!! Este jueves 24 de mayo, celebramos el día Nacional del Hot Dog con el italiano sólo a $500. En Doggis nadie queda abajo de la mesa. El italiano más rico que la chucha está en Doggis <3

Posted by Doggis on Monday, May 21, 2018



Currently, there is a campaign that is being led by Dominó that wants to add the completo as National Heritage.  These guys are serious about their completos. They will have 2×1 all day today on their completo “Italiano” and “Dominó”, which has American Sauce (a mixture of ketchup and mayo), salsa verde, tomato, and mayo.

2×1 Vienesa Dominó e Italiana

¡El #DíaDelCompleto es el día de nuestro 66º aniversario! Venga por su 2×1 este jueves 24 de mayo en todos nuestros locales.

Posted by Dominó on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


La Fuente Reina:

You can enjoy a traditional completo which has sauerkraut, American sauce, tomato, and mayo just for $990 CLP

¡¡Llegó el día del Completo!!Ven desde las 12.30 del día a la fuente y pide tu completo con tomate, chucrut, salsa…

Posted by La Fuente Reina on Thursday, May 24, 2018



You can enjoy 2×1 on two varieties of completos:

Alemana“: sauerkraut, tomato, “mostanesa” sauce and mayo

Completa“: Tomato, American sauce, salsa verde, and mayo.

Este 24 de mayo se viene el #díadelcompleto y nosotros lo celebraremos con todo el Hogs. No te pierdas nuestro 2×1 en la Alemana y la Completa.

Posted by Hogs on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Which one are you going to eat today? Let us know in the comments below and share your pictures with us using the hashtag #todayinchile

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