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Get Ready for “Super Lunes”

the first Monday of every March is the beginning of the year in Chile. “Super Lunes” is the kickoff to our chaotic city life of never-ending traffic

Whether your new to Santiago or you have lived through a “Super Lunes” before, the first Monday of every March is the beginning of the year in Chile. This weekend marks the end of the summer months vacation vibes and tomorrow, “Super Lunes” is the kickoff to our chaotic city life of never-ending traffic and to remind us all that the kids go back to school and the adults must go back to work all at the same time. Remember, take a deep breath.

The Director of Metropolitan Public Transportation, Guillermo Muñoz, said that “we will be strengthening the public transport service of buses and Metro so that Monday is the least traumatic possible.” Yes, he said used the word traumatic when discussing the traffic in this city.

Santiago’s Traffic is going to be on everyone’s mind despite the reinforcements so patience and time management is key to getting to your destination on time.  Whichever mode of transportation that you’re going to be using this “Super Lunes”, Today in Chile wants to fill you in with some useful information:


There are about 60 critical points in Santiago that are going to be monitored by drones, cameras, and personnel in the field. To minimize blind spots from street cameras and coordinate traffic lights to facilitate and improve mobility in the city.

170 inspectors are assigned to verify circulation of public transport, trucks, and vehicles, including school transports. The best thing to do is to add some drive time to your morning and if possible carpool.


Santiago’s bus system will increase its operation by 10% and install assistants cranes throughout six points to monitor 60 tracks of “Solo bus” and 20 sections of exclusive routes, to prevent other vehicles from circulating through these tracks.

Metro de Santiago:

Starting Monday morning we will an increase in the frequency of trains, the increase in the number of service personnel to reload your Bip! Cards,  and a higher presence of security personnel on platforms and inside trains.

The Red Line 1 will make short journeys on the section between Pajaritos and Maquehue during both peak times and empty trains will be located at Los Heroes station traveling towards Los Domínicos station in the morning. Empty trains will arrive at Tobalaba and Escuela Militar stations traveling towards  San Pablo in the afternoon.

For those traveling into Santiago from neighboring cities:

Metro Valparaiso will also increase its capacity by 30% by providing intervals of three, six and 12 minutes between each station, add additional trains during rush hour and place empty trains from Belloto Station.

Ferrocarriles del Sur (Fesur) will increase passenger services at peak times from 50 to 53.


We want to wish everyone a happy “Super Lunes” and an excellent year for students and those in the workforce. We want to hear about your “Super Lunes” experience. Use the #todayinChile in any of your social media accounts and tell us how super your Monday is!


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