Understand Santiago’s Bus Terminals

Chile has an extensive bus system that connects the whole country. While most cities just have one terminal, Santiago currently has seven. It can be a bit tricky to handle if you don't know where you're going.

Chile has an extensive bus system that connects the whole country. While most cities just have one terminal, Santiago currently has seven. It can be a bit tricky to handle if you don’t know where you’re going. Each terminal offers transportation to different locations or with a specific bus company.  While visiting a terminal, it seems like organized chaos. The key here is to know what your bus company is and your platform. People are pretty friendly so if you look lost with a bus ticket in your hand, someone will help you. Be wary of the time because the buses in Chile are very punctual. They almost always leave on time, with or without you.

The Metro of Santiago conveniently has access to all bus terminals so getting to them is the easy part. Knowing which one you need to go to is the tricky part. We have broken it down to the best of our abilities. This is what we know. We will start with the four mayor terminal that you will most likely hear several times throughout your time in Santiago.

Terminal de Buses Alameda:

One of the larger terminals in Santiago, this terminal is right outside the metro station of Metro Universidad de Santiago. Two of the biggest bus companies operate their buses from this terminal: TUR BUS and PULLMAN and they have almost every destination imaginable for Chile. Its location is key, sitting right next to the central highway which allows buses to easily leave Route 5 to the north or south or the Pacific and sun highways which travels towards the central coast.

Terminal de Buses Santiago:

This terminal is also known as  “Terminal Sur” since it’s right next to the Terminal Alameda. You’ll find a food court, pharmacies, ATMs and even an ice cream parlor. From this terminal, you can find services to approximately 214 destinations both national (especially to the south of Chile) and international destinations such as Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. This terminal also has lockers so if your planning on visiting Santiago for the day, this is a great place to leave your bags and go explore.

Terminal de Buses Pajaritos:

If your wanting to visit Valparaiso or Viña del Mar, then this terminal is one to visit. Right outside the metro station of the same name, Pajaritos, you can purchase your tickets from any of the four following companies: TUR BUS, PULLMAN BUS, CONDOR BUS, and BUSES ROMANI.

Terminal de Buses San Borja:

This terminal is located right outside the central train station of Chile and the metro station Estacion Central. The Terminal has 87 platforms and goes to destinations such as Quintero, Algarrobo, Coquimbo, La Serena, Chillán, Pichilemu, Temuco.

Terminal de Buses Terrapuerto:

This is a much smaller terminal in Santiago located near metro station Los Heroes. If you need to go to the airport, this is the terminal that you would use. The majority of the buses travel towards the northern part of the country and also to Mendoza, Argentina.

Terminal de Buses La Paz Santiago

Right outside metro station Cal y Canto (Line 2, Yellow) you’ll find this terminal for more rural destinations such as Batuco, Chicureo, Colina,  and Lampa. The main bus companies that work from this terminal are Buses Colina, Buses Lampa, Buses Batuco just to name a few.

Terminal Bellavista de la Florida

If your interested in visiting Cajon de Maipo, this is the terminal you need to leave from. Located near metro station Vicente Valdés stations on Green line 5, the only bus company that operates from this station is Pullman Florida. They also offer several routes in the central coastal area of Chile such as Buín, Cartagena, El Tabo, Graneros, Melipilla, Rancagua, and San Antonio.


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