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Moving to Chile soon?

Moving to Chile soon? While you can find almost anything you might need in Chile, some things are "just not the same” as back home.

Moving to Chile soon? While you can find almost anything you might need in Chile, somethings there are a few things that you might want to bring along with you because “it’s just not the same” as back home.

We created a list of ítems that you might want to add to your suitcase and other things that you just leave behind. Most of the time you will find the price in US dollars transferred to Chilean Pesos. For example,  if something would cost you 4.99 USD back home, here it will cost you 4,990 CLP.

Here is what we have learned from fellow expats:


Most medications may cost 3 to 4 times the price compared to your home country. Sometimes ítems that you can just buy over the counter back home will require a prescription from a doctor such as Robitussin or vice-versa where you don’t need a prescription here like Birth Control pills. Discuss this your doctor before bringing medication. Tums and Pepto-Bismol are hard to find.

Leave Nyquil or any kind of flu/cold medicine. “Tapsin” work just the same and “trioval” is great



Again, anything that you truly cannot live without, bring from home because it most likely will cost double here. We are talking about Perfumes and makeup from your favorite brands. Contact Solution is oddly expensive and if you like “travel size” things, go ahead and bring those too.

Leave Tampons. Nowadays you can find more varieties and sizes with similar prices to back home. An 18-count of Playtex Gentle Glide supersize will cost you approximately. 3.990 CLP (just bit over  $6 USD)


Home ítems:

If your a big fan of Ikea, Chile has an equivalence called Homy. You can find just about anything you need to decorate your house. Plus going to markets like Persa Bio-Bio is a great place to buy antique furniture or knick-knacks you didn’t know you need. Bring your Comfort ítems and favorite books because they can get pricey.

Add Bed Sheets. The good quality sheets quite pricey. Stop by Home Goods or TJ Maxx and get some Queen size sheets for 25 USD. It’s nearly impossible to find sheets for 15,000 CLP that don’t feel like plastic.

Leave towels. They just take too much space in the suitcase and you can find great ones here at a decent price.


In Chile, the standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Chile if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 – 240 V. Make sure your Cameras, Smartphones (internationally unlocked), drones, and computers are compatible. Most of them are nowadays and if you’re thinking about bringing one from home, do it because they are quite pricey here. You will find a 2-3 circular plug known as “Type C” that is usually found in Europe. 

Leave: Hair Dryers and Flatirons. You can find them at prices pretty similar to back home and they won’t burn out on you. Plus if you decided to leave Chile, you can definitely sell them second hand.



If you are tall, extra curvy, or have big feet please consider bringing these things from back home.  Most department stores will rarely have sizes after 48 (size 14 USA for women) or anything in a long version. Men can have trouble finding anything over an XXL or will find that Chilean XXL is not quite the same.  Same goes for shoe sizes; There is a limited amount of size 40 (size 10) for women or 43 (size 10) for men



While supermarkets have a much larger selection of our favorite foods from back home, you’ll find the international section quite interesting. Bring your favorite candies (no one knows what Candy corn is here but SUNYs are the closest thing to it), grape jelly, ranch dressing, and maple syrup.


The milk in Chile is UHT. If you google this, it is real milk given a shot of Ultra High Temperature. If this is something that your not uses to then you might find the milk to taste different than what your use to. Large supermarkets like Jumbo do sell fresh milk and there are plenty of small suppliers that you can find that will deliver.


We want to keep on adding to this list and your feedback is super important to make this list the most complete possible. If you’re looking to connect with other Expats in Chile, there are a bunch of wonderful facebook groups that are quite active online and who get together IRL quite often! Read that post here!


Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you want to add to the list!

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