Check Out These Free Walking Tours in Chile

Grab your most comfortable shoes and a bottle of water, it’s time to go walking!

Grab your most comfortable shoes and a bottle of water, it’s time to go walking! Walking tours are a fantastic way to get familiar with a new city and help you figure out which area you want to explore even more. The best part about them is that they are free, well sort of. Actually, they are tip-based but hearing “Tip-Based Walking Tours” doesn’t really have the same ring to it like “Free walking tour” right?

Chile offers a number of walking tours in several cities that are definitely worth visiting. Let’s break them down by city and then you decided which one you want to try!


La Moneda

Being the largest city in Chile, Santiago has the largest variety of free walking tours. Tours 4 tips offers a great Santiago Highlight Tours with a great general political and cultural history that comes together in the heart of Santiago. If you’re into local markets, go check out the best ones with Spicy Chile. Explore the best dives, typical drinks, and feel the hustle and bustle of the local people.

Another area that’s definitely worth exploring is The Yungay neighborhood with Strawberry Tours. You’ll feel like your traveling back in time as you learn about the cultural history and see how the neighborhood has preserved the area.

Viña del Mar

Viña Del Mar

Just a little over an hour from Santiago, Viña del Mar is considered to have the best quality of life in Chile. With Tours 4 Tips, you’ll find out why Viña is more than just a beach town. Hear the endless stories of politics, food, football and admire the unique architecture in the city.


Color Houses in Valpo

Since Valparaiso is built on a natural amphitheater of 45 seaside hills, the best way to explore this city is by foot. Going on Tour’s 4 tips highlights tour, you’ll discover an amazing amount of history in each corner and between side streets.  If your looking to see the amazing street art, then the GraFEEti tour from Valpo Street Art is the best one in town. You’ll see over 200 murals and learn a lot about Chilean art culture in Valparaiso.

San Pedro de Atacama

Street Life in SP

While most people use San Pedro as a resting point in the middle of the desert, this oasis is filled cultural adventure that’s definitely worth getting to know. Tours 4 Tips offers two different tours that dive deep into the history of the city and how it’s evolved today.



Palafitos Chilote

The largest island in Chile has a unique history that’s definitely worth exploring. You can learn about the best markets, museums, historical landmarks and restaurants in Castro with Chiloe Natural. They are around all year except for the summer months (January and February)




How Much to Tip?

Since these tours are tip-based, it’s really up to you how much you want to leave your guide. Most places in Chile will suggest a price between 5.000 and 10.000 CLP but you can definitely leave less or give more depending on how the tour made you feel.

Do you know of another city in Chile that offers Free walking Tours? We want to know about them too and add them to our list! Remember we want to show off everything that is being offered in Chile and we need your help to do that too!

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