El Colorado, The First Ski Center to Officially Open The 2018 Season

El Colorado is crowned as the Ski Center that kicked off the ski and snowboard season in Chile. This past Wednesday, June 13. The center opened once again and this year they are celebrating 70 years of unique experiences full of snow. 400,0000 visitors are expected to visit the largest ski center in Chile and the center promises to deliver an amazing experience for lovers of the white sport.

Here is what you need to know about El Colorado:


El Colorado has 75 KM of trails (46 miles), 27 lifts, and some of the best powder in the southern hemisphere. There are trails for all levels for those who have never tried to those who are looking to enjoy the sport they love. For the most advanced, the Center has red and black trails in the “Olympic Valley”, located on the south-east slope of the hill, more than 3,000 meters high.

You can also check out the snowpark, a track designed and specially prepared for the exponents of snowboarding and freestyle, which will have a segment of progression in the high sector of the park.

Additionally, a new downhill run will be inaugurated in the Olympic Valley, which, while aimed at training teams, may also be used by clients. It has more than 2,500 meters in length and with some of the steepest slopes in the southern hemisphere.

What if I don’t Want to Ski?

If you want to experience the snow and have a more relaxed day, there is a large footbridge that connects the “silla Panoramica Cururo”, (20.000 CLP) a lift that gives you a full panoramic view of the park, and the restaurant “El Mirador”. This view is arguably one of the best views of the Andes Mountain Range. Hot chocolate anyone?


If you have your own gear, then go ahead and skip this paragraph. If not, El Colorado has more than 2,000 ítems to choose from. There are two rental spots El Parador and Domo El Colorado.  Renting “Equipo Completo” gives you the full set of Board & Boots or Ski, Boots, and polls with prices ranging from 34.000 CLP- 27.000 CLP for adults and 26.000 CLP-21.000 for kids (up to the 12 years old).  If you need clothes, you can also rent ítems from Domo El colorado with prices starting at 8.000 to 25.500 for a whole set. You can also rent lockers for the day at cost of 4.000 CLP


There are 6 restaurants with a large variety of options. This season they are opening up a new Italian restaurant named “Dal Monte”, located in the heart of the Center and the new snow terrace in the restaurant “Olimpo”, located at 3,200 meters high.

How to get there:

There are several ways to get to El Colorado. The best option is to travel by a transfer van. They work every day between June and September and the majority of the vans leave from the Omnium Center located in Apoquindo 4900, metro Escuela Militar station.

El Colorado has their own van service available. Round trip tickets cost 16.000 CLP and if you want just one way, it will cost you 10.000 CLP. The first van leaves at 7:30 AM and has continuous departures until 9:30. After that, they wait for groups up 6 to head up until 11:00 AM. Returns to Santiago begin at 4:00 PM and the last departure at 6:00 PM.

If you plan on going in your own car, please remember to rent chains for your wheels as there will be snow and ice on your way up. Everything is pretty well marked and signs are clear. Drive with caution, you’re going to find a lot of curves!

Ski School:

El Colorado has more than 150 professional accredited instructors that offer private or collective classes for beginners, intermediate or experts. Group classes for adults start at 40.000 CLP for 2 hours. The RACO school branch is a program specially designed for all children to learn and improve in the sport of skiing and snowboarding while developing their social skills.


El Colorado has been around for 70 years and doesn’t have any plans of closing shop. Come and experience why El Colorado is the local’s favorite place to ski so close to Santiago. Find the latest updates on their facebook page and let us know when your planning on heading up! 




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