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Chile is celebrating its national Heritage this weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Chile is celebrating its national Heritage and there are over 1400 things to do throughout the entire country!!

On the last Sunday of May since 1999, Cultural Heritage day or in Spanish “Dia del Patrimonio” has given Chileans a chance to celebrate their heritage and look back to the things that connect them with their history so that they can better understand the importance of culture.  This year is the first time that Chileans will be able to celebrate all weekend long.

The reason they are stretching it out for the whole weekend is because Chile recently created the new Ministry of Culture, art, and Heritage, which will focus on planning and creating programs that will contribute to the cultural and patrimonial development throughout Chile

To celebrate Chile and everything it offers, you can find more than 1,400 different activities from Arica all the way down to Punta Arenas. You can find free access to hundreds of historic buildings and National Monuments, patrimonial routes, exhibitions and cultural activities of public, private entities and social organizations throughout Chile.

Here are just a few that we think are worth mentioning. You can find more information on the official website: dialdelpatrimonio.cl

National Parks:

There will be free entrance to 4 National Parks: La Reserva Nacional Pingüino de Humboldt, el Parque Nacional Bosque Fray Jorge, El Monumento Natural Pichasca y la Reserva Nacional Las Chinchillas.


There will be a special tour that makes stops throughout different corners of Santiago, remembering the story about the birth of our capital

You can take a guided tour through an old “hacienda” in Pirque.

 “Vive La Chimba” exhibition at the Tirso de Molina Market


In Copiapo, There will be a talk about the last indigenous stronghold of the original inhabitants, Pre-Columbian, and will be announced in what consisted and the names of some of its inhabitants.



The Fire station Germania will open their doors to the community with an invitation to visit their barracks, get up close to their relic car and learn more about the history of the institution.

You can visit the Customs buildings and museum, as well as enjoy dances of the time with the participation of the Alcabala folk ensemble, plus get up close and personal with the drug-sniffing dogs that works in Customs.


Visit the Quiñelelfu Cemetery near Villarrica

Just outside of Temuco, you can visit the National Railway Museum Pablo Neruda joins this initiative with a literary activity called “memories and poems on rails”


Like we mentioned before, these are just a few of the thousands of activities that you can do throughout Chile. Don’t forget to check out diadelpatrimonio.cl for more activities.

Let us know where you are going to be by using the hashtag #todayinChile through your social media accounts! See you around this weekend!

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