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Why You Should Try Chilean Craft Beer

Those looking for a drink in Chile usually go for a glass of wine or a pisco sour. Chilean craft beer has been making a huge hit lately

Those looking for a drink in Chile usually go for a glass of wine or a pisco sour. While these are classic drinks that Chile is well known for, Chilean craft beer has been making a huge hit in the market in the last 10 years. There are now over 300 micro-breweries according to the Association of Chilean Beer Producers

Here at Today in Chile, it’s our mission to try all the craft beer in Chile and report them back to you. We only drink Chilean beer. Well, we only really want to drink Chilean beers. Some are available in Supermarkets throughout Santiago, others you must travel far and visiting during special times of the year to try them.

One of the best things we discovered while exploring the Chilean craft beer industry is Beerly, a monthly subscription of a variety of Chilean craft beers that are sent directly to your house. This is great for those beer lovers living in Santiago.

So here is our list…Get Thirsty, my friends

Cerveza Altamira, Valparaíso

If your headed to the colorful city, one the places you must stop in is Cervezeria Altamira. It’s the very first brewery in Chile, founded in 1825 by an Irish man, Andres Blest. They offer tours of the brewery or you can just enjoy a cold one right next to a funicular.

Dolbek, Coyhaique

The Smet d’Olbecke family came to Patagonia from Belgium in 1948 and decided to develop a beer that would represent the culture and tradition of their home country. You can find this beer in almost all supermarkets.

Cerveza Tropera

This beer has Italian origins but has flourished in Patagonia. A must try if you come to Puerto Varas or Coyhaique.


This brewery is in high demand if your traveling along the Carretera Austral. These guys are brewing old school and with the purest waters in the world. Available in most restaurants in Patagonia, it’s a must try.

Hernando de Magallanes

Another great beer from Patagonia. Try it at Base Camp in Puerto Natales after you come back from Torres del Paine with a slice of pizza. You won’t regret it.

Cerveza Austral

These guys own the title of the southernmost brewery in the world. Located in Punta Arenas, this brewery is also one of the oldest in the country. It’s definitely worth a try, especially since you’ve already come all this way to visit.

Kunstmann IPA

Another classic craft brewery in Chile. The 1960 Valdivia earthquake destroyed one the largest and oldest German brewery in the city. The Kunstmann family was already working with them, so they just renamed it after themselves when they reopened.


This brewery was born in 2003 and currently brews about 55.000 liters each month. Available all over the country and if you’re in Santiago, you can check out the Kross Bar located in Bellavista and enjoy the perfect snack with your favorite beer.


We know that there so many more beers to try….Let us know which one we should try next! Reach out to us on any of our social media accounts and use the hashtag #todayinchile or just shoot us an email at todayinchile@gmail.com

We are excited about Octoberfest, are you?

Let the countdown begin.



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