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The Best Parties for english speakers In Santiago

Chile receives thousands of English speaking visitors a year. If you're looking for the best parties in Santiago to meet other exchange students or expats in Chile, we've got the list for you.

Chile receives thousands of English speaking visitors a year. One of the biggest types of visitors are the students who come to study abroad each semester. If you’re looking for the best parties in Santiago to meet other exchange students or expats in Chile, we’ve got the list for you. There is something going on every day in Santiago. Don’t forget to check out our calendar of events, not just the parties, for everything that’s going on in Santiago and the rest of Chile.

Miercoles Po’

Miercoles Po is the most famous and popular party for exchange students in Chile. They have been creating unforgettable parties for the past 10 years every single Wednesday during each semester. They take a break during the summer season but usually surprise us with a few pre-parties before the big kickoff of the semester. What makes them so special?  Each week they have special themes to their parties with an amazing show during the park, they won’t reveille the parties location until a couple of days before the actual party so you always have to check on their Facebook page for the latest information. Exchange students, must show student ID, have a free entry until 12 (midnight). Ladies get in free all night long. Each student can invite 3 Chilean friends for free until 12 midnight. You won’t find a cheaper piscola than at these parties. During their happy hour drinks are 2 for 3.000 CLP until 12 and then after 12, it’s 3.000 CLP piscolas all night long. For more info on these parties just click here. If you feel that Miercoles Po is too young of a crowd but you still want to meet other expats then their Nacion Po parties might be more fitting for you.

Spanglish Parties

Need to brush up on your Spanish skills? Or want to keep your English flowing? Every Tuesday you can have the change to do both at the Spanglish Parties. Since 2009, these parties have been a perfect space to meet new people, practice your second language and have a little bit of fun too. Around 8 pm, there is a language game where you speak only Spanish for 20 minutes and then English only for 20 minutes. That goes on until about 10:30 pm where the music gets louder and the drinks take over. They change location every Tuesday, so make sure you’re checking out their facebook page weekly to see the locations.

Pub Crawl.Cl

Every Friday and Saturday you can bar hop around Santiago and meet people from everywhere. They start at Bar 422 located in Manuel Montt area with two terremotos and additional discounts on all drinks and food. Then you’ll hop to two other bars/club for a free drink before ending your night with their Mega party with the Chilean classic, a piscola. Prices for the pub crawl start at 7.900 CLP and you can find more information about them here.

Do you know of any other international and expat friendly bars, clubs, or parties that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below so we can explore all options. What about outside of Santiago?

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